The Sea-Clay Range

Universal Contour Wrap at A Better You Body Sculpting

Specially formulated to detoxify and target problem areas

By refining the unique clay used in Universal Contour Wrap we have created SeaClay, a unique body masque, suitable for all skin types, with a range of treatments specifically designed to target problem areas of the body:

  • Cellulite Diminishing
  • Back Acne
  • Bust-firming
  • Facial

Each treatment combines the clay with a unique oil specially formulated to treat the appropriate condition. As the active ingredient goes to work on the target area the clay provides a detox while simultaneously toning and exfoliating the skin.

Whatever treatment you choose you’ll be guaranteed a relaxing experience in everything from the soothing application of the masque to the removal using our ultra soft SeaClay Removal.

Target Your Treatment

Each of the 5 SeaClay treatments combines the SeaClay Body Masque with a unique oil specifically formulated to target the appropriate condition.

Cellulite Diminishing – Harnessing the powers of rosemary, peppermint and patchouli, the cellulite diminishing treatment tackles the toxic congestion that can cause cellulite while also strengthening the capillaries and improving sluggish circulation to improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Bust Firming – SeaClay Body Masque is combined with a special toning oil containing palmarosa, frankincense and camellia to tighten the skin and improve skin tone while also improving circulation to the bust area.

Back Acne – The anti-inflammatory affects of lavender and the anti-bacterial properties of tea tree are combined to create an effective treatment for re-balancing oily skin and targeting acne.

Facial – Developed for all skin types, the SeaClay all natural face masque leaves the skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated while helping to restore elasticity and firmness.

Full Body Detox – To further enhance the properties of SeaClay Body Masque, this treatment delivers exceptional detox through a combination of cypress, grapefruit and basil to improve circulation, stimulate lymph flow and reduce fluid retention to leave you feeling cleansed and revitalise

How Does it Work?

Each of the five SeaClay treatments begins with a gentle body brush to open up the pores and prepare the skin for the application of the SeaClay Body masque.

Having selected the specific treatment to target your problem area, the therapist then warms the SeaClay Body Masque with your chosen oil before applying it to the body. The all-natural Body Masque exfoliates and tones the skin while the active ingredient goes to work on your specific problem area.

You are then wrapped in a special thermotherapy sheet to create the optimum conditions for the Body Masque and special oil to work.

The Body Masque is then gently removed using warm towels that have been pre-soaked in SeaClay Body Mystique. Body Mystique softens the towels making the removal a soothing a relaxing process while also moisturising the skin and providing further toning and tightening.