Forget the Knife

9:10pm Monday 29th June 2009 By Claire Borley

GOING under the knife is for many the ultimate quest to fight the signs of ageing, but now there is a new buzz in the beauty world which is staking a strong claim in the cosmetic enhancements industry.This new kid on the block is a machine called Beautytek.
A non-invasive body sculpting technique, which claims to be able to reshape over nine different problem areas of the body. Practitioners say the new device can lift breasts by up to seven centimetres, flatten stomachs, lift buttocks and thighs and smooth out cellulite. It is also said to help reduce acne, scarring and banish wrinkles and stretchmarks.

Introduced into the UK 18 months ago, it has already had celebrity endorsement from the likes of Rachel Stevensand featured on How to Look Good Naked and it has now arrived in Essex.Mum and daughter team Denise and Tonya Brown, from Langford, near Maldon, opened the Meditech clinic inIngrave Road, Brentwood, two months ago, after seeing for themselves the effects of the treatment.

Denise explains:

“Like a lot of women, I want to keep young looking and I have had surgery in the past. But it wasn’t a great experience and I had a lot of problems with the recovery. “So I started to look around for an alternative and starting reading about Beautytek. It seemed too good to be true, but when we had a look and experienced it for ourselves I realised this really was something different and a real alternative to going under the knife.

So how does it work?
During each session, a probe is passed over the target areas which delivers energy to acupressure points along your body’s meridian lines

Tonya explains:
“This stimulates the self-repair mechanisms of the body leading to increased blood flow, water and toxins are redistributed from cells to the lymphatic system and out of the body. As water balance is adjusted, fattytissue is dehydrated and fatty clusters in the cells decompose.
“Beautytek uses a unique combination of micro-current energy and diagnostic capability that enables it to detect the cells which are not functioning properly. It then automatically gives the cell a kick start via the electrical charge, thus repairing and rejuvenating them naturally.”

She adds:
“The energy is activating the body’s self-repair mechanisms. It’s almost like resetting your body clock so that you’re fully charged and running more efficiently. Ninety per cent of patients notice a visible improvement after the first treatment.”Like many great discoveries, the cosmetic enhancement of Beautytek was discovered accidentally.

The machine was originally intended to be a pain relief and rehabilitation device developed more than 20 years agoby an American doctor called Nebransky. Nebransky tested the product on thousands of US soldiers and quickly discovered the micro current stimulation that he was introducing into the body to alleviate the pain and repair the tissue was bringing some great cosmetic improvements too.

Nebransky enlisted the help of an Italian physician and the Beautytek machine was born.
Beautytek was launched in Italy in 2000 and the system is now being used in more than 30 countries worldwide.Denise says: “Many people do not realise just how invasive surgery can be, after all you are cutting the body open, but with Beautytek you get great results without the pain or recovery. In fact, many people report they have more energy and feel really well after the treatment.

”Beautytek is certainly a cheaper option than liposuction.“It also a less painful one,” laughs Tonya, “and rather than weeks of recovery, an overall improvement in health is to be expected as Beautytek helps to remove excess water, fat and waste products from the system as well.

”You can have up to 12 sessions, lasting up to an hour, depending on the body area, treatment and desired effect.Top-ups are needed every three months to keep the energy levels firing on all cylinders, but the overall effects last up to approximately ten years.

“Having experienced the surgery side of cosmetic enhancement myself,” says Denise, “For me Beautytek offers people an alternative to taking drastic measures. It bridges the gap into what can be a daunting world of cosmetic treatments and makes it more accessible.”©

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