Body Sculpting


The Intelligent Energy Solution to Body Sculpting without Surgery

Our bodies are designed to be ready and willing to accept electrical energy from an external source:
Electrical activity in itself is involved in wound healing at the cellular level. The mitochondria stores electrically charged particles of ATP, Calcium ions also enter the cell via electrically sensitive ion channels. This process is necessary for healing,growth and normal cell operation.

Every cell is made up of numerous chemicals:
We are in fact an incredibly, magnificent chemical factory. There are millions of chemical reactions every second in our body. Every cell of our body interacts with a nerve that is why we are able to feel, and through the natural chemical production within our body we are able to also self heal.

Beautytek: what is it and how does it work?
Beautytek is a non-invasive totally natural body sculpting technique which offers you a tailor made pain free alternative to surgery, giving excellent results.

Beautytek uses a unique combination of micro-current energy
and diagnostic capability that enables it to detect the cells that are not functioning properly. It then automatically gives the cell a ‘kick start’ via the electrical charge thus repairing and rejuvenating them naturally. In order to understand how beautytek is able to achieve such amazing results, we need to explain a bit about how cells get their energy…

Cell energy:
The most important factor in the battle against the bulge!
The cell is the basic component of all living things and they work ceaselessly to nourish, repair, and renew them selves. This on going activity, called “cell metabolism”, requires energy which is provided by a substance created within the cell called ATP (adenosine-Triphosphate).
Cell metabolism generates wastes that the body must get rid of. As well as eliminating these worn-out or dead cells, the body also needs to get rid of indigestible or partially digested foods, chemicals taken in from water and cigarette smoking, alcohol and caffeine, the environment, and medications.
When waste products build up, they impede micro-circulation to cells and tissues which, in turn, slows cellular activity and reduces waste elimination from the cells even more. This vicious cycle continues and can eventually lead to very serious health problems and, in severe cases, even death.


Beautytek Fat Reduction:
Fat is one of the basic components that make up the structure of our body. The other components include muscle,water, bone and your organs – the brain, liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, pancreas, and intestines. etc. All are necessary for normal, healthy functioning.


What is body fat?
Body fat can be divided into two categories: Essential fat and storage fat.

Essential fat as its name implies, is necessary for normal, healthy functioning. It is stored in small amounts in your bone marrow, organs, central nervous system and muscles.

  • In men, essential fat is approximately 3 percent of body weight.
  • Women, however, have a higher percentage of essential fat – about 12 percent.

This is because their essential fat also includes some sex-specific fat found in the breasts, pelvis, hips and thighs. This sex-specific fat is believed to be critical for normal reproductive function.

Storage fat:
is the other type of body fat. This is the fat you accumulate beneath your skin, in certain specific area sinside your body, and in your muscles. It also includes the deep fat that protects your internal organs from injury.
Men and women have similar amounts of storage fat.
It is desirable to have some storage fat due to the protective role it plays in your body. However, most storage fat is considered to be “expendable”.

Storage fat:

  • Increases when you gain weight
  • Is what you want to lose when you lose weight.

Many people have too much storage fat, while some have too little. Too much or too little storage fat is unhealthy.

How to remove fat:
Fat can be extremely difficult to shift, especially when it has been present for at reasonable period of time.

  • Non-surgical- Exercise; eating sensibly; Beautytek
  • Surgery- Liposuction; Gastric band

The Beautytek Treatment: What can I expect?
Beautytek is an exceptional treatment when applied to excess fatty deposits around the body. It encourages the transfer of fat out of the fat cells so that it can be burned as energy. When toxins and free radicals build up in the system the body produces hard collagen around the damaged cells. As a result, fat cannot be released into the blood stream and sits stubbornly in those familiar areas; love handles, lower abdomen, upper arms and inner thighs.

Using gentle micro-currents that are regulated by your own body energy, Beautytek can encourage the break down of these collagen fibers and free the fat out of the cells. The skin and underlying tissue is also firmed, improving the shape of the client. With Beautytek you can lose inches from those stubborn areas without resorting to special eating plans, radical exercise regimes or the surgeon’s knife!

Beautytek: The results:

  • Pain free and relaxing
  • No scarring or possibility of infection
  • No risk – you cannot be under or over-treated
  • No recovery period
  • Affordable – a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery!