Breast Lifting

Beautytek…. The Intelligent Energy Solution to Breast Sculpting without Surgery

Breast Enhancement:
Age has a pronounced effect on women’s breasts and, the bigger you are the earlier you will notice a drooping effect. Inherited characteristics also play a part including skin elasticity and breast density.
Why do breast sag?
Breast sagging occurs for several different reasons – multiple pregnancies, breast feeding, rapid weight loss, genetics, gravity and age.

Firmness, not size!
It is generally recognized that the bust is the first thing which is noticed about a woman’s body. The firmness of the breast is more important than the size, as it is that which gives one a sexy look.

Options Available

There are a plentiful number of lotions and potions on the market today which claim to enhance the firmness of the breast. The better ones will help in a very small way by tightening the skin, while the others will not enable you to see any marked effect what-so-ever. Using breast firming massage will assist in the fight against gravity.Electrical (galvanic) stimulation treatments cannot and do not work

Very droopy breasts can be tightened up by surgery. This is called mastopexy. The surgeon removes a wedge of skin and tissue from the loose, saggy upper part of the breast. The nipple and the breast tissue under-neath are moved so that the nipple is positioned in the skin further up than it was. There will be a scar around the nipple area, a scar running from the nipple to the crease line underneath the breast, and sometimes a small scar in the crease line.

The Beautytek Treatment:
What to expect? Beautytek shows exceptional results for breast firming and lifting. Clients can expect to see an overall firmness in the skin, a lift in the breast, improvement in skin tone and texture and excess fat and fluid being drained from the breast.
It also increases blood flow through the breast tissue and increases the tone of the pectoral muscle.A full course of treatments will firm, lift and enhance the contour of the breast. Breast treatments continue to improve after the course of treatment has been completed.

Beautytek:  The Results
Each client is photographed and measured at the start of the course and after every 6 treatments – this way there isa visual and measurable record of the success of the Beautytek method.

  • Pain free and relaxing
  • No scarring or possibility of infection
  • No risk – you cannot be under or over-treated
  • No recovery period
  • Affordable – a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery!