What it does

The theory of beautytek is simple—make the body well from the inside and the benefits will show on the outside.

beautytek by Medilab is an, effective aesthetic system designed for esthetic applications in the beauty industry.

In combining artificial intelligence and contemporary computer technology with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese therapy principles, excellent and long lasting results are achieved from the sessions which are pre programmed in this novel piece of equipment.

In contrast to conventional esthetic machines, beautytek compares the body area to be targeted with its data base of algorithms and creates a unique computer program for the client before starting the session.

The beautytek can control all aspects of the sessions and tells the operator when the session is over. This allows the client to get the desired session everytime, because it does not over or under stimulate the targeted area.

The beautytek sessions are effectivel for;

Breast Firming and Lifting
beautytek has been used to promote breast firming and lifting. Clients have used beautytek to help achieve an overall improvement in the firmness of the skin, a lift in the breast, and an improvement in skin tone and texture. Beautytek procedures may also assist in increasing blood flow through the breast tissue to help increase the tone of the pectoral muscles.

Skin firming (Abdomen, Legs, Buttocks)
beautytek procedures may also be of assistance when applied to loose skin around the body. The application of beautytek procedures may result in the skin and underlying tissue having a firmer appearance and improved shape, resulting in a slimmer overall appearance. All beautytek applications have a potential to assist in skin firming, which may result in an improved appearance and overall silhouette.

Face and Neck Rejuvenation and Lifting, Fine lines and Wrinkles
beautytek assists in reducing the appearance of ageing which affects the face and neck. beautytek helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, so as to provide a more youthful look.

The program supplied by beautytek is thought to stimulate the circulatory system enabling fresher looking skin. Lines and wrinkles may be smoothed and sagging jowls can appear tightened leaving you with a more youthful appearance .

Customers have experienced an overall improvement in the firmness in the skin, an apparent lift in facial muscles, and improvement of skin tone and texture.  Customers have also found that fine lines are smoothed in appearance and deeper lines appear softer.  Customers have reported that the benefits of the beautytek procedures can continue to improve after the procedures have been completed.

Conditions after pregnancy and pre and post plastic surgery.
Developed by an italo-american team of scientists the beautytek system has been successfully introduced in several countries. In Germany and other most other European countries beautytek is assembled, marketed and supported by Medilab GmbH&Co., an innovator in the medical and esthetic hi-tech segment, and is distributed in North American exclusively by J’Vita CosMedic Group www.jvitagroup.com