A Natural Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery

Beautytek combines advanced western technology with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating the body to heal itself from within, resulting in a transformed outer appearance. 

Beautytek Face & Body Sculpting –  ‘North American Edition’

is designed for use on women and men and may be applied to any part of the face and body to assist in improving the appearance of the face and body naturally and effortlessly.

Beautytek procedures are relaxing, non-invasive, painless and do not require any recovery time between procedures.

Customers have used beautytek to help achieve an improved appearance of fewer facial wrinkles plus an improved appearance of skin tightening and firming of the abdomen, breast/chest, arms, buttocks, hips, face and neck regions, plus an appearance of cellulite reduction.

beautytek has blended in modern technology with traditional Chinese therapy principles. beautytek works with micro current on acupuncture points along the meridian lines used in Chinese therapy.